I’m Back from the Sick! + Busy Weekends!

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 WI have returned from my sickbed! 🙂 I was a victim of strep throat for about three days in which I did nothing but sleep, cough, and watch Harry Potter movies. But thankfully, I’ve made a full recovery thanks to medicine and at least twenty cups of tea. I have to admit it feels amazing to be back alive again. I went out with my friends, and we just hung out at the movie theater on a totally dreary day. We caught up on absolutely everything random and funny in the past week, and took a million pictures (of course!). It was really fun, and I always enjoy hanging out with my friends after a tiring or crazy week. Friends are the best remedy for everything!Last night, we got five inches of snow. Again. This whole snow thing is getting old! The roads were really bad yesterday, and it was freezing to say the least. It wasn’t the fun kind of snow either– it was the slushy, dirty kind of snow. No. Fun. My state has actually broken the record for how many inches snowed (which was 51.5 inches).
The roads did clear by this afternoon, though, so I went out to the mall with my friends again. Obviously, a movie with my friends on a Friday night did not suffice. Nobody really bought anything, but we tried on so many spring clothes and accessories at all the local boutiques and chain stores, even though there is technically snow outside. I’m still full from an amazing meal at the local American Chinese Cuisine– a favorite of ours. Their orange chicken and potstickers are so addicting.
I’ve been having so much fun I’ve kind of forgot about homework. Thankfully, I managed to escape yesterday with only science homework– memorization of half of the elements on the periodic table and their symbols.  It feels really good not to have a million things on my back. Recently I had so much work for science fair, math competition, and grades. But science fair is officially over! Well, technically. I’m so thankful that I won, so I’m now moving on to regionals in a month, and hopefully, state. But for now, I’m just taking a nice little break. Less school stress has left time open for hanging out more with friends and enjoying my time, and it feels good to live in the moment instead of always glancing at my planner waiting for the next study session.


Oh, I almost forgot! My Abercombie shipment came in, and everything fits perfectly! I noticed a bunch of you liked what I got in the comments, and thanks, I absolutely love everything. I managed to grab everything for a good price, actually the price of the dress on full-price was the price of my entire shipment. I am so excited about that bargain! I’m frantically typing this before I have to leave for a post-baby shower of my mom’s friend. All of my friends should be there, and it’s a very fancy event. I curled my hair (my hair is so thin and straight) with my new curling wand! This is the very first wand that actually curls my hair *cheers* It’s the Singer Ultra Wand as I recall, and is rivaling my love for my In and Out Dual Straightener and Waver. The curls actually last quite long, and I’ve kept the same curls for almost three consecutive days at a time, with them getting  looser, of course, as the days progress. However, I never have to use hairspray, which is amazing, because sometimes I feel hairspray can be a hassle or damage my hair, especially since I curl on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Let me know in the comments if you want me to do a full review on my main blog!

Now I’m really stretching the time. It’s time for me to grab my purse, slip into my heels, and head out the door. Until next time!




A Lazy Winter Day

Hello, everyone!

Today, my school was cancelled due to quite a bit of snow and ice. I had the best sleep of my life, absolutely no joke. So far, I’ve spent the day finishing Dan Brown’s Inferno and doing my massive load of homework. This week has gone by so quickly!

I was feeling a bit cramped, so I decided to do some yoga and zumba a few hours ago. Unfortunately I don’t take classes, but I do use any DVDs or YouTube videos available at my disposal. Today was my tennis day, but that got cancelled as well, so that’s why I decided to do a bit of exercise.

As of now, my closet is completely re-organized. I am a bit type-A when it comes to color-coding all of my clothes, down to the shades of jean washes. Speaking of jeans, I also placed an order today at Abercombie & Fitch. They were having quite the sale, so I ordered a dress, jeans, and sweatpants.



Hopefully the order should arrive in a few days! Speaking of orders, I got my lovely rainbow keyboard-cover yesterday in the mail. It’s actually quite good quality, and I ordered it for 99 cents off of Amazon! It’s much better than my previously boring black keyboard.

My peppermint tea has now cooled, and that means off to tackle more homework!